Rainy night seeds tossed

Tonight I tossed drawings all over rainy Charlottesville's downtown. Go look for them and find them tomorrow.

I left two for FitzHerald Tribune's BF at his downtown lair.

I also left some at the fortress of the greatest architects of all time.

These were left at a cupcake factory.

I almost got busted leaving these at the hosts of last spring's international comics adventure.

I also hit the site of a sad and now dead "4-minute Gym" place that I used to go by on my superglider while dropping off UPS packages. The gym is gone now but then, I am too.

My greatest triumph of the night - a synchronicity of drawing and placement, dropped where it might actually last a while. If anyone bothers to go looking, this is the one to go to first. At the bottom of the elevator, Water Street garage. ha ha HA!

1. I'm serious about sending a packet of drawing to some far away place and letting you toss some seeds. I might even take requests for a specific place to drop if it's close to me.

2. If you follow my little circuit I did tonight you can see me going from my studio in a flattened circle. It was really raining.

Thank you.


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Why mullets? I don't know why. I remember really liking the one that's a letter made of images. Send me your address and get a card in the mail.