Rainy night seeds tossed

Tonight I tossed drawings all over rainy Charlottesville's downtown. Go look for them and find them tomorrow.

I left two for FitzHerald Tribune's BF at his downtown lair.

I also left some at the fortress of the greatest architects of all time.

These were left at a cupcake factory.

I almost got busted leaving these at the hosts of last spring's international comics adventure.

I also hit the site of a sad and now dead "4-minute Gym" place that I used to go by on my superglider while dropping off UPS packages. The gym is gone now but then, I am too.

My greatest triumph of the night - a synchronicity of drawing and placement, dropped where it might actually last a while. If anyone bothers to go looking, this is the one to go to first. At the bottom of the elevator, Water Street garage. ha ha HA!

1. I'm serious about sending a packet of drawing to some far away place and letting you toss some seeds. I might even take requests for a specific place to drop if it's close to me.

2. If you follow my little circuit I did tonight you can see me going from my studio in a flattened circle. It was really raining.

Thank you.


Shawn said...

I love this, Warren. I'd be happy to leave some of your drawings here in NYC. I'm thinking East Village or the Lower East Side!


Sean Tubbs said...

This is one of the most awesome things. Can I interview you about it?

andrea said...

Let me know if/where you'd like me to "toss" some in Austin. I'm ready for the "art adventure", just say the word :).

Are the drawings pre-meditated or do you do them on site, like site specific?

w said...

Shawn - You are on and officially deputized. I'll send you a pack of post-its, though it may be after the new year.

Andrea - Same to you. The drawings are all done earlier and carried around - no site specificity to them though I try to find some sort of synchronicity between the piece and place.

Sean - Sureman, anytime. It6 would be great to see you can catch up too.